Our mission is to bring novel therapies to patients in need. We do this by creating, investing and supporting biotech companies along the full drug development continuum, from discovery stage all the way to pivotal studies and registration. 

Experience has guided our investment approach to focus on clear product visions with the backing of entrepreneurial scientists and seasoned drug hunters, borne out of novel biological insights. 

We strive to minimize complex governance structures and processes that can fetter innovation and create headwinds against scientific breakthroughs: virtual companies and stepwise 'asset-centric' financing can provide a conducive environment for early-stage innovation.

At the early stages, we help start companies under our pioneering asset-centric model and support their development from scientific insight to early clinical studies and Proof-of-Concept (PoC). Our late stage activity is focused on supporting companies that have successfully reached clinical PoC and want to continue building value by developing their compounds independently through pivotal studies, regulatory approvals and launch.

Strong impact on unmet medical needs and the healthy financial returns associated with such significant innovation are the common goals we passionately share with the entrepreneurs we back.